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Small 4040 PCB CNC Router Machine With Aluminum Substrate Or Paper Substrate.

Small 4040 PCB CNC Router Machine With Aluminum Substrate Or Paper Substrate.

Product Details

Our PCB CNC engraving router includes various types, such as FASTCUT-3030, FASTCUT-4040, FASTCUT-6060 and FASTCUT-6090. Our product could process PCB with size from 30 * 30cm to60 * 90cm. Our engraving router features smooth carving and good protection of cutting tool thanks to the firm structure. Equipped with world famous brand ball screws and linear track, our product could engrave and mill a line of 4-6 mil diameters.

Technical Specification 

Max. Processing Size300mmX300mmX60mm400mmX400mmX100mm600mmX600mmX100mm600mmX900mmX100mm
Carving AccuracyMinimum 4-6mil
Mechanical Precision0.0025mm
Drilling Speed0-150 /min
Spindle Speed24000 rev / min (40000 and 60000 rev/min are optional)
Spindle TypeWater cooling, variable frequency
Net weight65KG100KG150KG250KG
Package Size750mmX750mmX750mm90mmX900mmX1500mm1200mmX1200mmX1500mm1200mmX1400mmX1500mm

Meanwhile, our CNC engraving router features a high compatibility. It can be used with all files in GERBER format. With an easy operation, our product can be operated without long-term professional training. Our product is widely used for R&D of PCB, and it could be used to process both single-sided and double-sided copper clad PCB with aluminum substrate or paper substrate. We can also customize the product according to your requirements.

As a specialized PCB CNC engraving router manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers multi head CNC engraving machine, professional non-metal material laser cutting machine, FASTCUT Styrofoam CNC machining center, and more.

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