Pneumatic Tool Changer Wood Carving Machine

Pneumatic Tool Changer Wood Carving Machine
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Product Details

Product Description:

This kind of pneumatic tool changer wood carving machine is a numerical control mechatronics product, which can easily complete the computer design. With the outstanding advantages of flexible and realiable operation, convenient adjustment and maintenance, good lubrication and sealing, humanized design, it can meet the requirements of most machine tools.


  • The overall steel plate structure of the bed body, imported linear guide rails, high precision, durable

  • The spindle has a sufficient speed range and steps to achieve the start, stop, shift, commutation and braking of the motion.

  • High-strength Y-axis is driven by dual-motor with faster processing speed, simpler maintenance and lower fault.

  • The Z-axis adopts imported industrial grade ball screw for accurate positioning,better synchronization and perfect machining results.

  • The four heads can work at the same time, or they can work alone, without affecting each other,higher efficiency than single machine, economical and practical.

  • Imported servo motor realizes position servo control including open loop, closed loop and semi-closed loop, high power, fast processing speed, stable operation and extremely low noise.

  • Imported high-precision linear track, stable operation, high precision, stable support and long working life.

  • Automatic unloading device is convenient for operators to take materials, which greatly improve the efficiency.

  • Equipped with a vacuum adsorption table function and a dust removal device, which is more environmentally friendly.

  • With power-off recovery, processing time prediction and other functions, it can guarantee to continue processing in case of accident.


Machine bodyWhole steel structure 
Net weight1500kg (with bracket) 
Gross weight1750kg
GuidewayXYZ-axis use linear guideway 
Driving mode Gear rack & pinion

X working area


Y working area


Z working area


Body dimension1900 x 3200 x 1800mm (with bracket) 
Pack dimension2050 x 35 00 x 1980mm 
Max. feeding height200mm (or higher)

Max. working speed

17, 000mm/min 

Max. power consumption6 KW
Cut thickness of materialLess than 40mm 
SoftwareType 3 software, Artcut software, Artcam software 
Spindle2.2kw (3.0kw, 4.5kw, or bigger)

Spindle speed

0-24, 000rpm /min 

Mechanical precision0.01mm 
Power sourceAC 220/50 /60 Hz (or 110v/60Hz)and 380AC 

Driver type

Stepper motor (or servo motor) 

MemoryWithout or (DSP) 
Blade diameter3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm ( or 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 12.7mm ) 



Control system

NCSTUDIO or DSP (USB interface) 

Running circumstance temperature

0-45 degree

Relative humidity

30% - 75% 


Widely used in the furniture industry, decoration industry, industrial equipment accessories semi-finished products processing industry, musical instrument industry, handicraft industry, architectural model industry, advertising industry, etc. For example: Cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, sliding doors, painted doors, screens, craft wooden doors, decorative murals, paint-free doors, wave board processing and other kind of wood processing.