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Large Working Area 2040 Woodworking CNC Machine

Large Working Area 2040 Woodworking CNC Machine

Product Details

Machine Configuration:

Working area2000*4000*200mm
Spindle powerGDZ 5.5/6kw, bigger power spindle optional
Spindle CoolingWater Cooling(or Air Cooling)
Motor85BYG stepper motor(or servo motor)
DriverLeadshine 860H
Control SystemNcstudio 5.49
Guideway20 Hiwin Square linear guideway
Inverter7.5KW SUNFAR inverter
TableT slot(or Vacuum table)
Transmissionear rack with X and Y axis Imported Ball Screw with Z axis
Packing size2250*4700*1700mm
Gross Weight1600kg


The Large Working Area 2040 Woodworking CNC Machine is suitable for advertising and gift making operations: for engraving all kinds of two-color board signs, plexiglass, Vatican stone house, three-dimensional signage, decorative gifts, light box two-color man statue, relief medal, in-wall lamp house, light guide plate Carved lamp house, organic plate embossed three-dimensional door and so on. Mold industry: engraved button embossing mold, printing bronzing mold, injection mold, blow mold, stamping mold, eye mold and so on.

The Large Working Area 2040 Woodworking CNC Machine is also suitable for the tobacco industry: used for packaging cigarette box anti-counterfeiting marks, template making and cigarette wheel making. Circuit fabrication, drilling and milling, etc. in the development of printed circuit board (PCB) products. Automotive industry: tire mold lamp mold and decoration mold processing. Coinage industry: printing banknote watermark anti-counterfeiting molds and coin mold making. Packaging industry: luggage hot stamping, carton packaging plastic mold production. Model work: making sand table models, house models, etc. Create a variety of employee badges, all kinds of house cards, signs. Seal industry: seal carving of various types of materials

The Large Working Area 2040 Woodworking CNC Machine should avoid the equipment that strongly affects the signal transmission of the engraving machine, such as strong electricity and strong magnetism. Such as: welding machine, tower, etc. Use a three-core power supply to ensure good grounding and reduce interference. The voltage requirements are stable and avoid large fluctuations. It is best to use a voltage regulator. The machine should not work for a long time in a strong acid or alkali environment.

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