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1300*2500 Mm Multi Head 4 Axis CNC Drilling Machine

1300*2500 Mm Multi Head 4 Axis CNC Drilling Machine

Product Details


The 1300*2500 Mm Multi Head 4 Axis CNC Drilling Machine has the characteristics of large low-frequency torque, stable output, high-performance vector control, fast torque dynamic response, high-speed precision, fast deceleration and high speed, and strong anti-interference ability.

The 1300*2500 Mm Multi Head 4 Axis CNC Drilling Machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing. In the automotive, locomotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, engineering machinery industry; especially for ultra-long stacking, stringer, structural steel, tubular parts and other porous systems rich in source into the sea of various large-scale parts drilling is preferred.

Each coordinate movement is driven by a servo motor, which is easy to operate, flexible, and stable inaccuracy. The basic layout is as follows: the sliding seat is fully moved throughout the bed, and the single side is open, the structure is simple and convenient, and it is convenient for the upper and lower installation of the workpiece and the sanitary cleaning after work, easy to maintain, small footprint, suitable for processing of long workpieces and produce. The column on the slide is the same as the ordinary radial drilling machine. The rocker arm can be lifted up and down to facilitate the processing of workpieces of different heights.

The spindle has 16 stages of shifting, and the cutting torque is extended dozens of times. It is a Morse taper hole and can be directly mounted. The bed is made of casting structure, which can be lengthened in many sections, and the user can choose or customize it. The X-axis, that is, the sliding seat movement adopts the German imported reducer, gear and rack to ensure the rigidity and movement precision during the movement.

The bed rail has no protective pull plate to ensure that the rack, the grating ruler and the electromechanical switch are free from external pollution. The X-axis adopts an imported original grating scale to ensure the accuracy of X-axis positioning.



FASTCUT-1325-4 CNC Router

Working Area (X*Y*Z)

1300X2500X200mm*300mm(51X98.4X7.8 inch optional:higher Z-axis)

Axis of rotation


Processing accuracy


Repositioning accuracy



3KW(4.5kw or bigger) variable speed, water-cooled

Spindle rotating speed


Max Moving Speed


Working speed


Driving mode

Z-Ball screw, XY-Rack drive



Max. Power consumption


Feeding Height

200mm(or higher)

Drive motor

Stepper(or servo motor)


G.code , mmg , plt , uoo,HPGL

Compatible Software

Type3, Artcut, ArtCAM, masterCAM software



Pack dimensions

1950mm X 3250mm X 1850mm wooden trunk

Net weight


Option: Rotary axis, vacuum tabledust collector,or bigger spindle .

Different working size:
1200x1800mm/1200x2400mm or other sizes according to customers