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cnc engraving machine 1325 woodworking CNC Router Machine Hot Sale

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Product Details

Product Name

CNC Engraving Machine 1325 Woodworking CNC Router Machine Hot Sale

Product Introduction

This CNC engraving machine is fully sealed with a two-axis dustproof structure. Thickened and enlarged square tube beds are used. The machine has a strong carrying capacity. The X and Z axes adopt a closed dustproof structure, which effectively maintains the cleanliness of the inlet rails and the frame, reduces the mechanical failure rate, and improves the hot sale1325 woodworking CNC router machine efficiency and machining accuracy;

Product Feature

The 360-degree cylindrical engraving expands the application of CNC routers to meet the needs of the furniture and gift manufacturing industries.

The cylinder material is fixed by three brackets with a chuck, the force is even and effective, and the center positioning is accurate, which ensures the working precision.

The diameter of the Rotary can be customized.

Bidirectional directional rails provide high positioning accuracy.

The recovery function allows the machine to continue working after a sudden stop. For example, the accident tool is destroyed.

With whole cast iron frame , this CNC engraving machine is strong and durable , long service life.

High speed water cooling spindle,we can according the customers requirement to choose the quantity of machine head and motor power.

The hot sale1325 woodworking CNC router machine is equipped with high accuracy TBI ball screw of taiwan , work smoothly.

Product Application

The hot sale engraving1325 woodworking CNC router machine is suitable for heavy-duty, professionally designed coffin thickening, weight bed structure, ensuring long-term use, engraving thick coffin machine will never be deformed;

Product Specifications


1325 cnc engraving machine

Working Area (X*Y)


Table size


Processing accuracy


Repositioning accuracy



3.5kw air cooling spindle

Working table

Aluminum table

Spindle rotating speed


Max Moving Speed


Working speed


Driving mode

Square rail/Ball screw


AC220V/50Hz, AC380V/50Hz



Feeding Height


Drive motor

stepper motor


G.code, mmg, plt, uoo, HPGL

Compatible Software

Type3, Artcut, ArtCAM, masterCAM software

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