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Pneumatic Three Head 1325 CNC Router/three Heads Wood Carving CNC Router

Product Details

Product Name

Pneumatic Three Head 1325 CNC Router/three Heads Wood Carving CNC Router

Product Description

The pneumatic three head 1325 CNC router can individually engrave or cut the surface of various materials and can be engraved and cut at the same time. The device runs fast, is easy to use, low in cost, reliable in engraving, and has no edge cutting. Therefore, there is no need to process the grinding again and the cutting waste is small. Further, the engraving depth can be easily adjusted with high precision.

Product Feature

Imported linear guides, double-row four-column ball bearings, large bearing capacity, good motion stability and long service life. Imported ball screw with high precision.

High-precision rack drive, high processing speed and high precision.

Pneumatic three head 1325 CNC router is equipped with USB remote operation and DSP operating system, the joystick operation is very simple and advanced.

Compatible with a variety of CAD / CAM design software, type3, ARTCAM, CASTMATE, UCANCAM and so on.

The international advanced technology of vacuum adsorption table top is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump. The six-zone design can strongly adsorb different areas of the material.

Driven by a stepper motor, the Y-axis is driven by a dual motor, which makes the spindle engraving faster.

Product Application

Pneumatic three head 1325 CNC router is suitable for billboards, art gifts, crystal jewelry, paper-cut carving, bamboo relief, printing, clothing and leather industry, embroidery, interior decoration and photo frame production, etc.

Product Specifications

Product name

Three heads cnc router

Working area


Working table

vacuum table with vacuum pump

Working accuracy


Repositioning accuracy



X and Y by rack, and Z by ballscrew

Max. travelling speed


Max. Working speed


Spindle power


Spindle speed


Driving system

Dalta servo motor and driver


Fuling 11kw

Control system

Syntec 6MA

Dust collector

Dural dust collector

Power supply

AC220V/50-60Hz or 380V/50-60HZ


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