1325 Plasma Cutting Machine

1325 Plasma Cutting Machine
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Product Details

Product Description:

The 1325 plasma cutting machine is an efficient, precise plasma CNC cutting machine. The integrated structure makes it easy to install and maintain, and it adopts a special flexible processing method to improve processing efficiency and processing results. It is suitable for a variety of processing functions and processing materials, and can meet the processing quality requirements of various graphics and fonts, which saves proofing time and reduces costs.


  • The gantry structure is subjected to vibration aging treatment after welding to eliminate stress and prevent deformation during long-term use.

  • The professional control system has the strongest anti-interference ability, can resist any electromagnetic interference, and the machine runs stably. 

  • The use of high-precision gear mesh rack and high-precision subdivided ball screw drive ensures that the cutting precision reaches the domestic leading level.

  • Equipped with a planetary deceleration drive system with an input and output error of only 16 arc minutes.

  • Equipped with an automatic clearance compensation device that enables it to accurately drive the structure to execute commands.

  • Supports standard G code path files generated by software such as Ucancam, Artcam, Type3, etc. It can also read AL, PLT, DXF format files generated by software such as AUTOCAD through software conversion.

  • The cutting mouth is small, tidy, and there is no slag phenomenon, which avoids secondary dressing processing.




Machine Structure


Operating accuracy


Cutting thickness

0.1-30mm(depending on plasma power)

Driving system

Servo/stepper motor

Cutting speed


Moving speed


Cutting accuracy


Plasma power




Working voltage

3PH 400V

File transmission

USB Interface

Height regulating device

Untouched Arc Striking Arc Pressure Adjuster


Applicable to the processing of mechanical and electrical products, logo decoration, automobile manufacturing, ship, electrical parts, parts cutting, and other processing and rivet welding industry, etc. Such as conductive metal, 1-50mm mild carbon steel, 1-75mm stainless steel and aluminum.