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1325 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Metal, Aluminum ,Steel, Copper Cutter

Product Details

Products Features:

Mechanical structure and high strength large diameter imported linear guide makes the machine run more stable, stronger support surface.

Completely out of the computer, U-disk embedded plasma control system, simple operation, more stable performance, 12-inch color interactive interface more humane. High-performance motor and drive, so that the effect of cutting more perfect, cutting faster and more efficient. The United States Treasure industrial plasma power, to make metal cutting more fluid, more sophisticated, cutting slits narrow, low deformation of the workpiece, significant energy saving effect, and global services; also be used domestic industrial plasma power, the machine costs more favorable, invest less.

The main machine configurations and parts can be chosen as: high imported world class or Chinese popular use standard.

Application Industry:

CNC plasma cutting machines are widely used in all kinds of machinery, manufacture of metal structure, installation and maintenance as well as cutting processing such as cutting off, tapping, patching and bevel cutting for middle thickness-and thin plate materials.

Applicable Material:

1325 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Metal, Aluminum ,Steel, Copper Cutter is suitable for all kinds of metal materials such as steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel can be processed.

Machine specifications


1325 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Metal, Aluminum ,Steel, Copper Cutter

Working area

1300*2500 mm

Inverter power current


Drive motor

Stepper motor

Lathe structure

welding steel

Controlling system



XY axis gear rack, Z axis ball screw,Z axis with Arc voltage controller




Square linear rail


With water sink and water pump


Machines can be customized as you required