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3030 PCB Engraving Machine

3030 PCB Engraving Machine

Product Details


The 3030 PCB Engraving Machine can be used in the craft industry: wood, bamboo, ivory, bone, leather, marble, shells and other materials on the beautifully carved patterns and text. Cutting, carving and hollowing, etc. Cutting and engraving of garments, underwear, home furnishings, gloves, handbags, shoes, hats, toys and car industry. Leather garment processing industry: complex text graphics engraving on leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth and fur. Model industry: making sand table building models and aircraft model aircraft. Multi-layer board cutting, etc., ABC board cutting. Packaging industry: engraving and printing rubber sheet, plastic sheet, double-layer board, knife die cutter board, etc. Product identification industry: equipment nameplate, product anti-counterfeiting marking, etc.

The 3030 PCB Engraving Machine is equipped with an imported double nut screw. The use of breakpoint memory ensures that it can be processed in case of accident (broken knife) or every other day. Unique way to save multiple workpiece machining origins. High-power cutting not only makes the engraving fine and non-serrated, but also makes the bottom surface smooth and clear.

Technical Specification

Max. Processing Size300mmX300mmX60mm400mmX400mmX100mm600mmX600mmX100mm600mmX900mmX100mm
Carving AccuracyMinimum 4-6mil
Mechanical Precision0.0025mm
Drilling Speed0-150 /min
Spindle Speed24000 rev / min (40000 and 60000 rev/min are optional)
Spindle TypeWater cooling, variable frequency
Net weight65KG100KG150KG250KG
Package Size750mmX750mmX750mm90mmX900mmX1500mm1200mmX1200mmX1500mm1200mmX1400mmX1500mm

When a fault occurs, check if the screws in each part are loose. Check that the path you are working on is correct. Whether the file is too large causes the computer to handle errors. Increase or decrease the spindle speed to accommodate different materials (typically 8000-24000). Loosen the knife chuck, clamp the knife in one direction, and put the knife in the right direction to avoid the engraving object being unclean. Check if the tool is damaged, replace it with a new one and re-engraving.