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What Role Each Part Of The Laser Cutting Machine

Release Time: Nov 16, 2016

Laser cutting machine parts which, to explain to you in greater detail under the following:
1) machine host part: laser cutting machine parts to achieve x, y, z axis movement of mechanical parts, including cutting working platform. Used in places by cutting, correct and accurate and in accordance with the control procedures to move, usually driven by a servo motor.
2) laser: laser light source device.
3) light: refraction mirrors for laser guidance need direction. To make the beam path failure does not occur, and all mirrors must be protective cover to protect and access clean positive pressure shielding gas to protect the lens from contamination.
4) CNC systems: control of machine tool achieved x, y, and z axes of motion, but also controls the output power of the laser.
5) power supply: connect the laser, CNC machine tools and power supply systems. Main role to prevent outside interference.
6) cutting head: including cavities, focusing lenses, focusing mirror, capacitive sensors and auxiliary gas nozzles and other parts. Driving device for cutting head in accordance with the procedure-driven cutting heads movement along the z axis, by servo 7) Console: to control the entire process of cutting equipment.
8) chiller: cool laser generator. Laser device is the use of electric energy into light, such as conversion rate of CO2 gas laser is 20%, the rest of the energy is transformed into heat. Cooling water excess heat away to keep the laser generator to work properly. Chiller machine external Ray reflector and focusing mirror cooling in order to guarantee the stability of beam quality and prevent temperature lead to deformation or breakage of the lens.
9) cylinders: medium gas bottles and including laser cutting machine-assisted gas cylinders, used to supplement of industrial gas laser oscillation and the cutting head with the auxiliary gas supply.
10) air compressor, gas tank: provision and storage of compressed air.
11) air dryers, filters: used to supply clean dry air generator and laser beam path, to maintain the paths and mirror work.
12) the dust extraction machine: taking the process of smoke and dust, and filter, exhaust emission conforms to environmental protection standards.
13) slag Extractor: removal of leftover from processing and waste.