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Metal Laser Cutting Machines What Are The Common Cutting Patterns

Release Time: Nov 16, 2016

Metal laser cutting machine-cutting mode:
1, vaporization
High power density laser beam heating, surface temperatures to the boiling point temperature of extremely fast enough to avoid melting from heat, so some material vaporize into steam disappeared, some materials as ejecta from the bottom of the slit is blown away by auxiliary gas flow.

2, Fusion cutting
When the incident laser beam power density exceeds a certain value, the material beam point begins to evaporate, forming holes. Once the hole formed, it will serve as a black body absorbs all incident light energy. Small holes are surrounded by molten metal wall and beam coaxial with the secondary air holes around the molten material away. As moving small holes in the cutting direction synchronous traverse formed a slit. Continue along this seam of the front of the laser beam irradiation, melt material or pulse from the slot that was blown away.

3, oxide melt-cut
Melting cutting use of inert gases, if replacing it with oxygen or other reactive gases, materials under irradiation of laser beam ignited, undergo violent chemical reactions with oxygen and produce another heat source, known as the oxide melt-cut.

4, control fault cutting
Easy heat-damaged brittle materials, high speed, controlled by a laser beam heating cut off, called control faults cutting. The main content is the process of cutting: a laser beam heating a small area of brittle materials, large thermal gradients in the region and caused severe mechanical deformation, leading to cracks in materials. As long as you keep a balanced heat gradient, cracks in laser beam can be guided in any direction.