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Laser Marking Machines In Electronic And Electrical Appliances Marking Advantages

Nov 16, 2016

Although China has development became world electronic electrical production powers one of, has powerful of electronic productivity, but also face with some manufacturing identifies of embarrassing situation, laser playing standard machine with itself of principle, advantage, features, can in electronic electrical Shang for permanent of playing standard, believes soon of future, laser playing standard machine will in electronic electrical playing standard in the get widely of application and development.
Laser marker has been accepted by the industry, and its working principle and advantage in hand.
Laser playing standard machine of "cold processing", literally Shang on can understanding to this way no longer is through heating and to was processing of items surface left traces identifies, especially electronic devices of constitute material, is resistance can't high temperature of, so used laser playing standard machine for identifies not produced any of "hot injury" also not on environment on products caused any of pollution, and laser playing standard machine no longer is traditional of color mark, but through "carved" so has permanent, Traditional marking processes each year cost of supplies is hampered China's development of the electrical and electronic industry, laser marking machine used in the process do not have supplies, you can reduce the cost of marking, and uses a computer-controlled, not only relief from improper operation of manual failure probability, but can also greatly increase the efficiency of processing.