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Large Format Laser Cutting Machine Is Suitable For Any Industry

Nov 16, 2016

Its great advantage to help large format laser cutting machine large format processing industry development. So, this large format laser cutting machine is suitable for any industry, any material apply? Next, we analyzed.

Large format laser cutting machines as the name suggests is to processing of ultra large format materials, such as sofas, curtains, clothes, tents and a wide variety of fabrics, leather. This is because the large format materials, ordinary equipment does not fit, manual operation is not practical due to the laser device is the large format, users fear that its structure is not strong enough leads to instability, so deliberately uses a machine-level stable and solid chassis, ensuring the accuracy of fast motion.

First of all, for sofa fabric processing. As we all know, because the sofa is set of the whole series of processing, so the material the working area are particularly high, ultra large format laser cutting machines to solve this problem. Secondly, it is also suitable for outdoor tents and other necessary materials. Now people enjoy outdoor picnics, street sleepers, and the use of tents, is the laser cutting machine cutting of. In addition, such as wedding dresses, car seats, etc, you can use the laser device for processing.

It is easy to see, in today's rapid social development, large format laser cutting machine: can promote the development of the market. , Become the main tool users.