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Engraving Machines Are Widely

Nov 16, 2016

The following more specific description of the extensiveness of the engraving machine

1, advertising and gift business operation: used for carving all kinds of signs, plexiglass, Van Gogh-shimen, three-dimensional signs light boxes color man statue, relief Medal, block Wall lamp room, light guide plate carved on the light housing, organic Board Anaglyph stereo head. 2 mold industry: carving embossing die for buttons, printing and stamping dies, plastic injection mould, blow mould, stamping mould, mold eyes, and so on. 3, the tobacco industry: used to package cigarette packs without security, template production and cigarette type wheel production. 4, printed circuit board (PCB) circuit in product development, drilling and milling. 5, automotive industry: tire mould auto lamp mould and ornament mold. 6, minting industry: printing a watermark security mold making mold and coins. 7, packaging: bags and gilding, carton packaging adhesive matrix production. 8, model-making industry: making sand table model house model. 9, production of employee badges, numbers, as shown in. 10, the seal industry: all kinds of fonts of various material of seal carving 11, shipbuilding: the cabin layout and sign engraving. 12, mechanical processing: engraving the dial wheel and ruler. 13, wood industry: used for embossed design and production. 14, camera parts and scales of Aperture zoom processing 15, water tank compressor valve plate and other complex parts processing. 16, hydraulic pump shaft oil seal groove processing of stator. 17, EDM machine tool electric plate engraving process. 18, the printing industry: used for embossing plate making. 19, watch notice case mold manufacturing. 20, the pastry mould production, Sheng enumeration. 21, golf heads and thread machining. 22, stone art carving. 23, motorcycle gear machining. 24, bowling spherical lettering. 25, the carving of decorative products. 26, fine jewelry engraving. 27, bath faucet sculpture. 28, the sole processing. 29, smoking sculpture.