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Application Of Laser Processing In The Plastics Industry

Nov 16, 2016

First, laser cutting plastic and rubber products:
Plastic laser cutting is to focus the laser beam on the surface of plastic materials, using laser characteristics of high temperature melt material, also used compressed gases for laser beam coaxial blown fused plastic products and laser beams and plastic products along a certain path for relative motion, thereby cutting into shapes of processing.
1. laser cut plastic nozzle: laser cutting quality, belonging to the non-contact cutting, trimming and heat a small, almost no thermal deformation of workpiece completely avoid a collapse dies when punching, laser cutting is smooth and generally do not require secondary machining.
2. the manufacture of laser cutting plastic samples: laser cutting can improve the speed of new product development: drawings after the formation of laser processing can be performed immediately, and plastic samples of new products in the shortest amount of time.
3. laser cut the production of plastic products: plastic mold investment savings: plastic laser cutting does not need mould, no mold consumption without repairing mold, saving you replaces the mold, thus saving processing costs, lower production costs, especially for large or small quantities of products of plastic products and processing.

Second, laser marking of plastic products:
Plastic laser engraving process is the use of the high energy density of the laser characteristics, exposure to surface of plastic products, products have a clear pattern of laser vaporization and surface materials processing.
1. laser product marking: laser engraved product, with very clear and delicate features, but has the advantage of never worn.
2. laser engraving patterns of plastic products: laser engraving, engraving of arbitrarily complex patterns, clear and delicate patterns, has incomparable superiority than the other methods.