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1823-4 Independent Multi Head CNC Machine

1823-4 Independent Multi Head CNC Machine

Product Details

1823-4 Independent Multi Head CNC Machine Mamufacturer Supply Hot Sale Wood Engraving CNC Machine

1.Machine  Description:

Our multi head CNC engraving machine is specially designed for batch processing of the same units. Our product could process 4 units at the same time to increase the efficiency. You can also add more spindle to obtain a higher processing efficiency. Adsorption countertops, rotating unit and cleaning device are optional for our engraving machine to make a great place to work. You can choose them according to your needs.

Our multi head CNC engraving machine adopts high-power digital servo motor. The motor features a high torque, high accuracy and fast processing speed. Equipped with high-precision linear track, our product could provide a high precision, smooth operation and low noise at runtime. Meanwhile, our product features a simple maintenance and reduced failure rate. Our product adopts state-of-the-art CNC machining system. It could receive data from U disk or network. Our product is compatible with multiple CAD / CAM design software, such as TYPE3, Artcam, JD, Wentai carving, UG, MasterCAM, PowerMill and others.

Our multi head CNC engraving machine can be used to process wood, paper, leather, tile and other materials. It is most commonly used to letter the logo signs in advertisements, carve surface pattern in furniture, or process some leather material.

As a professional multi head CNC engraving machine manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide an extensive line of products, including CNC router, CNC milling machine, laser engraving cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, among others.

2.Machine Specifications:

1.Working area:1800*2300*200mm

2.Spindle power: GDZ 3.2kw, bigger power spindle optional.

3.Spindle Cooling:Water Cooling(or Air Cooling)

4.Machine Head:4 Independent Machien heads

5.Motor:85BYG stepper motor(or servo motor)

6.Driver:Leadshine 860H

7.Control System:Ncstudio 5.49

8.Guideway:20 Hiwin Square linear guideway

9.Inverter:3.7KW SUNFAR inverter

10.Table:T slot(or Vacuum table)

11.Transmission: Gear rack with X and Y axis Imported Ball Screw with Z axis.


13.Oil lubrication system

14.Gross Weight:1300kg

3.Sample Pictures:

4.CE Certificate:

5.Our service:

One year for machine

We supply online service 24 hours a day MSN, Skype, Yahoo, Gmail and so on.

You can also contact us by email, and we will reply in 24 hours, or by phone if urgently

6.Packagting And Shipping:

We can send this machine to your port or door address by sea or by air. Do as you need.

If sending to your port, please tell us your port.

If sending to your door address, please tell us your address, and better with post code.

7.Our Company:

The company was incorporated in 2008 with a registered capital of 5 million. The company is a limited liability company specializing in the production of various types of machinery and equipment. We are professional CNC router machine, laser cutting&engraving machine and plasma cutting machine manufacturer.Our machine mainly used for advertising,woodworking,steel cutting and stone processing industries.

After serval years' development,  FASTCUT and  JCUT  products are used by over 50,000 companies, schools , government offices in more than 30 countries. For instance, countries and area like USA, England, France, Germany, Canada, Russia, India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and so on.

We have a professional technical team that can provide on-site installation and technical services. The company has more than 500 members, multiple factories, and the scale is still expanding. All types of employees have professional qualities. Our company is divided into sales department, production department, technical department, after-sales department and finance department etc.

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