Advertising Cnc Router 1212

Advertising Cnc Router 1212
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Product Details

Product Description:

The overall optimized design and the simplified multi-performance operating platform of the advertising cnc router 1212 make it easy for beginners to operate. The use of high-power variable frequency motor ensures high-power cutting of the machine, while taking into account fine machining, combined with high-power cutting and fine machining. The engraving effect is fine and non-serrated, the base layer is smooth and the outline is clear, and it is very easy to cut 2cm plexiglass.


  • Equipped with good dustproof structure and carefully selected various electrical accessories to minimize the failure rate and ensure the long service life of the machine.

  • The whole body is cast iron, solid and non-deformable, with good rigidity, high precision and reliable performance. It can ensure that the machine does not shake when it is running at high speed.

  • The imported high-precision ball screw is used for smooth movement and ensures high precision of the machine. 

  • High-power constant-torque spindle, large bearing, high speed, low noise, large cutting capacity, and the motor is not easily damaged.

  • Imported guide rails and self-lubricating blocks make the forces in all directions equal, ensuring mechanical precision and strength.

  • Adopts hjigh-performance subdivision drivers ensures fast machine speeds and high precision.

  • With breakpoint memory, power-off continuation, processing time prediction, multi-piece machining origin preservation and other functions, to ensure processing in case of accident or the next day.

  • Strong compatibility, compatible with various CAD / CAM designs such as TYPE3 / ARTCAM / Castmate / Wentai.




Working Area


Traverse Speed


Spindle Power

1.5KW VFD, 24000RPM, bigger power spindle optional

Spindle Cooling

Water cooling (air cooling or Italian HSD optional)

Clamp Diameter


Mechanical Precision

0.025 mm


Square linear rail (or circular rail)


Ball screw

Drive Motor

Stepper motor (Panasonic/Yaskawa/Delta servo motor optional)

Compatible Commands

G-CODE, PLT, mmg, UG, ENG, HPGL, etc.

Operating System

Mach 3 (Ncstudio, DSP optional)



Whole Machine Size


Net Weight



Widely used in the processing of badges, modeling, steel molds, engravings, furniture engraving, gifts, souvenirs, crafts, signboards, sign making, hand boards, punching, printing factory cutters, advertising word cutting, advertising light boxes and so on.