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The working principle of laser engraving machine

Release Time: Sep 06, 2017

1) dot matrix engraving dot matrix engraving resembles high-resolution dot matrix printing. The laser head swings left and right, each carving a line composed of a series of points, and then move up and down the laser head carved out a number of lines, and finally constitute a full-page image or text. Scanning graphics, text and vectorization can use dot matrix engraving.

2) vector cutting and lattice engraving is different from the vector cutting is in the graphic outside the contour line. We usually use this model in the wood, sub-grams of paper, paper and other materials to penetrate the cutting, but also in a variety of materials on the surface marking operation.

3) spot size: laser beam spot size can be adjusted with different focal length lens. Small spot lens for high resolution engraving. Large spot lenses are used for lower resolution engravings, but for vector cutting, it is the best choice. The standard configuration of the new equipment is a 2.0 inch lens. The spot size in the middle, for a variety of occasions