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Safe operation of engraving machines

Nov 16, 2016

A deformed, processing and security matters to the eccentric part?
Processing abnormal and eccentric parts, generally use the clamp to fix the workpiece. So the first thing to note card secure. Paws and clamps do not extend outside the disk diameter, it is best to install shield. Secondly, we should note the eccentric part of the counterweight. Important proper blending. Weight of smaller diameter clearance hole diameter and screw in. Stone engraving machine speed will not be too high, in case of relocation of the rotating centrifugal weights, have collided with engraving machine guideway, broken screws, injuring the operator.
Second, stone engraving machine control system should meet the security requirements?
1, easy to operate, reducing back and forth, stooping, standing on tiptoe to avoid unnecessary movement.
2, positioning accuracy, prevent slight vibration malfunction.
3, stone engraving machine equipment is in motion and unit movement direction must comply with the requirements of simple symbols and signs.
4, install the necessary interlocking mechanism, prevent operation of uncoordinated actions, as well as multiplayer operations without coordinating the accident.
5, handles, handwheels, the structure and arrangement of buttons in order. Ying An the Start button located in the casing installed to prevent accidental touches the retaining ring. Installed on the wheels and handle on the shaft, when the automatic feed, the shaft rotation hurts, so it should be installed with an automatic removal device.
Third, what are the safety measures to prevent chip damage on the human body?
1, according to processed material properties, change the tool angle or add chip breaking device, choose the appropriate feed, Ribbon chips into small rolls or block cutting, remove it.
2, chip installed on the tool, or install on the woodworking machine guard, bezel, chip flow control will not be hurt.
3, high speed cutting cast iron, copper, aluminum, except on the stone engraving machine installation other than shields, baffles, the operator shall be provided with safety glasses.
4, using clear stone engraving machine tools and iron filings in the workplace to prevent hand, foot, do not use hand Grill iron.
Four, stone engraving machine equipment which four kinds of safety devices and its role is what?
1, the protective device. Used to allow operators and machinery and equipment moving parts, live parts and machining process can cause harmful segregation. If the belt cover, gear cover, electric hood, iron fences, guard rail, etc.
2, safety device. Used to improve the reliability of stone engraving machine equipment. When a component fails or when an overload occurs, the safety device, quickly stop work or transfer to a no-load operation of the equipment. If limiter, friction clutch, and so on.
3, the interlock device. For controlling engraving machine equipment is in order to avoid uncoordinated accidents. Machine screw and Rod cannot at the same time, to install electrical or mechanical interlock devices to be controlled.
4, signal devices. Used to indicate equipment operation, or when equipment dysfunctional issued signals such as color, sound, reminding the operator to take urgent measures to address them. Such as LEDs, buzzers, bells, etc.