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Power outages continued carving questions

Release Time: Nov 16, 2016

Advanced start can, look at the power of the current line number, advanced a little ahead into the start point of the line, on the line, click OK, in this line, the machine will start carving. However, if you carved a very fine thing, it carved from scratch, but down only a few wires, will see if continuation continuation on seams, you try, you know.
If it is shut down properly, the system will write down the machine and the serial number of the current position, but a sudden power loss, too late to save the current position of the system serial number is around the breakpoint on the line, but must find a way back to the original point. If you have questions in mind on the current, most stupid way is to delete the original file back output is, nor how big things, but never removed the lower left corner, because it is the origin. Engraving machine split keyboard control: simple, convenient, and easy to learn keyboard, users can quickly grasp the methods of equipment, independence is stronger. Engraving machine advanced Taiwan CNC control system, intelligent processing of transborder protection: prevent design layout over processing machinery caused collision. Intelligent speed control: controlled engraving machine speed, improve process efficiency, the Director of tool life and productivity.