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How to solve the problem of marking machine motor shake?

Nov 16, 2016

Marking machine is used for marking metal products of electromechanical integration equipment. Controlled by the computer print needle in the x, y two-dimensional plane according to a certain tracking movement, while print the role of acupuncture in compressed air under high impact exercise, which prints out the corresponding marks on the workpiece. It into the computer, electronics, precision machinery technology, used in various industries products work on the production code, serial number, text or graphical indicators, to facilitate the effective implementation of the production management and product quality tracking, are effective tools for corporate brand image.
When entering the system, motor action but jitter: this phenomenon is caused by the motor missing phase, check the 19-pin cable is connected properly, plug is tightened, check the jitter which is the direction of the motor winding is disconnected, further examination phase within the tag header or 19 core cables, replace the motor or 19 core cables. Into system Shi, motor to original points direction movement, pressure to original points switch Hou still kept, continues to to original points direction movement, and issued "da da" sound; this phenomenon sometimes also performance for addition a phenomenon, into system Shi, playing standard machine motor first to a direction find original points, found Hou, find addition a direction of original points Shi, appeared pressure to original points switch Hou still kept, continues to to original points direction movement, and issued "da da" sound of phenomenon, then, should check corresponding direction of original points switch, Has following several may of reasons: Although motor movement to original points switch of location, but and no pressure to original points switch, confirmed of method is off control box of power, will mark needles push to away from original points switch of location, open power switch, again into system, in mark head to has problem of original points direction movement Shi, with hand pressure the original points switch, then mark head change movement direction, solution method is adjustment original points switch of location or original points switch of by pressure Reed, makes mark head to the original points Shi, original points switch can was pressure Shang Confirm the control box 19 core cables are connected correctly between the tag header, no damage, squeezed in between such phenomena, and that the plug is tightened; marker 25-pin data cable between control and confirm that your computer is properly connected and fastened good; open tag header casing, check the motor cable is connected securely, whether or not broken, no damage, squeezed in between such phenomena; Check that the gear shaft is jammed, and prevents the motor from the action.