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Engraving machine track maintenance method

Release Time: Nov 16, 2016

Engraving machine orbit circular rail and linear Guide (that is, what we call the side rail), if the machines as people, so these tracks are people comfortable feet! Thus track plays a dominant role in the engraving, carving function freely flexible operations have a vital impact! Affects the efficiency of the work of the track, and even to the entire product engraving effect!
Tracks are divided into round Rails and side rails. So-called circular cylindrical type linear guide rail is, it is made up of production in China. High bearing capacity, relatively low cost, short production cycle, easy to install and so on, and so many process manufacturers are choosing the alternative type linear Guide. Circular rail limited areas in need of support, rigidity is bad. Deviations can occur over a long time, would also be higher than its error track larger.
Type linear guide rail refers to parties, which are produced abroad, the positioning accuracy high school, low coefficient of friction it can maintain its accuracy for a long time, especially the gap between static friction and dynamic friction is very small, low demand for device support HP, can save a lot of energy.
Tracks on the market today are using imported raw materials, whose prices are also relatively expensive. In order to improve efficiency, reduce costs, track maintenance details so be sure to pay more attention, for different engraving machine will have different methods of maintenance,
Advertising carved machine, and woodworking carved machine, and processing center this class carved machine of guide its maintenance method for: requirements in each of job finished Hou to on x, and y, and z axis guide surface for clean, to put track Shang of cut chip and dirty real all cleanup clean, second is check guide surface has no designated injury damaged, clean finished Hou to to guide added lubricants, convenient second days of job.
Stone engraving machine track maintenance method: because the engraving machine is often used to water, so the machine wet, must be carried out every day to track maintenance. Maintenance Shi must to note of is in on x, and y, and z three axis light rod with oil for maintenance Shi; silk Rod part must to using high-speed butter; winter if work environment temperature too low silk rod, and light rod, and square guide or round Guide, part should first with gasoline for flush clean, then again joined oil, or on will caused machine drive part resistance had big and led to machine of dislocation, problem.