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Engraving machine industry

Nov 16, 2016

With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry in recent years, the engraving machine industry in China has been a good opportunity, effectively promoted the production and application of engraving machines in China. Engraving machine is widely used in the following industries:

1, the sign industry:
Accompanied by the development of the Chinese economy, the fast pace of urban public infrastructure, renovation of the street, modern residential, hotel, Office space and constantly building, in line with the trend and standard identification and guidance system, which produces a lot of demand, which carved plaques, signs, signs in the mechanism, played a significant part. From an external sign on the company's image has played a good role in the form of sculpture production staff wear badges and licensing departments, floors, has become a trend.

2, arts activities:
Expanding the tourism market, tourists love gift to a local style clock, engraving machine is also very useful in this regard. And now meeting more and more on souvenirs and advertising materials, epidemics of sculpture making. In rings, key chains, trophies, plaques, crystal ornaments, lighters, leather goods, watches, and more can be carved, can reflect one's personality and taste, for some of the more thoughtful people, is also unusual, fun carving against these items, to meet the people's need for emotional communication

3, model industry:
Real estate development, constantly increasing demand for architectural models. Plaza sales office sales model, models, architectural design to show and display, vehicle market expands, some ship models, industrial models, also have significance commemoration and collection. Engraving machine has become the best Assistant.

4, organic glass processing:
Plexiglass is one of the most ideal carving material. Because the plexiglass itself has good machinability, using engraving machines can be produced. Cut, cut, cut. Plexiglas has a wide range of applications, models, decorations, crafts, souvenirs, advertising home furnishings the ideal material. The perfect combination of carving machine with plexiglass and can certainly produce excellent variety of craft products.

5, wood technology:
Engraving machines can punch, Lou, especially wide application of new decorative material, wave plates, but also to the engraver greater room to grow, improve repeatability and standardization of the product at the same time, significantly improve the production efficiency of the finished product.

6, plastic mold:
Acrylic sheet is thriving in the advertising industry, making the font and pattern die is acrylic plastic box in the production process, important links, the engraving machine is also very important tools in this part, plastic processing, fabrication, engraving machines are very useful in these areas.