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Engraving machine guide

Nov 16, 2016

Engraving machine in the composition of the rails and slider play a sport and supporting role, is important part of engraving machine, engraving machine operation
As an important accessory. Machines commonly used in the market-guide rail and track two, the current extension engraving and carving machine series-production
Using the Taiwan imported square linear Guide, engraving machine is often used to the water, so the machine wet, every day on the track
Line maintenance. Maintenance must pay attention is in the x, y, z axis when Rod oil maintenance; part screw be sure to use a high

Super butter;
Rail refers to the square linear Guide, which is produced by the foreign, the positioning accuracy high school, low coefficient of friction can be long
Time to maintain their accuracy, especially the gap between static friction and dynamic friction is very small, low demand for device support-HP,
Save a lot of energy from MDF engraving machine industry is generally do in such a situation. Reasons for this phenomenon is
Routine maintenance work is not done, especially for high working frequency, severe environment.

After each job is completed to the x, y, and z axes track surface cleaning, engraving machine chip on the tracks and dirt
All cleaned up, then check the track surface scratch damage, clean finished to add lubricating oil to Rails to facilitate next day
Homework. We often meet customers ' engraving machine a direction that does not move, detailed inspection of the machine there is no problem, we
Finding a rail slider card is dead. From MDF engraving machine industry is generally do in such a situation.