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CO2 laser cutting machine application

Sep 26, 2017

Machinable materials and applications Materials used:

At the right power, CO2 laser cutting machine can cut 0.5 ~ 22mm carbon steel, 0.5 ~ 12mm stainless steel plate, but also cutting PVC, acrylic, ABS, wood and other non-metallic materials.

The main advantages: power, the general power between 2000-4000W, can cut within 25 mm full size stainless steel, carbon steel and other conventional materials, and within 4 mm aluminum and 60MM within the acrylic board, wood board, PVC board , And the speed of cutting the sheet quickly. In addition, because the CO2 laser output is a continuous laser, which in the cutting, these three laser cutting machine cutting section of the most smooth the best.

CO2 laser cutting machine.jpg