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Causes of common mechanical failures in CNC machine tool

Nov 16, 2016

Common causes of mechanical failure of NC machine tools: common faults of CNC machine tools, mechanical problems tend to have distinctive features.
1, spindle orientation location, but the machine is not alarming. Possible reasons: due to the machine, spindle orientation generally use encoder orientation, spindle and spindle motors using 1:1 coupling directly using built-in encoder motor orientation. So this must be a mechanical coupling parts have a problem!
2, positioning accuracy is good and bad, and machine do not alarm: possible causes: mechanical drive chain joint is bad. Such as loose coupling, etc.
3. the machine is overloaded: often over current alarm, abnormal heat. Possible causes: mechanical Assembly is bad, leading to mechanical load. New design of machine tools, this behavior can also occur because of small servo motor selection. In addition, the servo parameter error will make such alerts.
4. machine-assisted actions, such as changing hands, output signal has to control its movements, but no. Possible causes: mechanical lock, pipeline blockage. Note: when a machine fails, it is often interlaced with electromechanical, due to mechanical parts related to training, so I won't repeat them.