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mdf cnc cutting machine

Product Details




Working Area


Traverse Speed


Spindle Power

1.5KW VFD, 24000RPM, bigger power spindle optional

Spindle Cooling

water cooling (air cooling or Italian HSD optional)

Clamp Diameter


Mechanical Precision

0.025 mm

Lathe structure

whole cast


circular rail (square linear guideway optional)


ball screw

Drive motor

stepper motor

Compatible Commands

G-CODE, PLT, mmg, UG, ENG, HPGL, etc.

Operating system

Mach 3 (Ncstudio, DSPoptional)



Whole Machine Size


Net weight


The mdf cnc cutting machine is equipped with stepper motor, Panasonic, Yaskawa, Delta servo motor. You can replace it with a larger power spindle and add more spindles. Mach 3 is the default operating system, and you can change it to Nustudio, DSP. It can be equipped with one or more rotation axes. Its gantry frame can be changed to steel gantry frame and raised. Its guideway can be changed to a square linear guideway. It can also add a dust collector and vacuum suction table.

Product features
The mdf cnc cutting machine uses imported high-precision preloaded clearance ball screw to produce motion when the clearance is reduced to a minimum. It uses a high-quality brand drive that is nearly 2 meters higher than the original model. The machine adopts imported guideway and lubricating block to make the forces of all sides equal and ensure mechanical accuracy and strength. Breakpoint memory to ensure that it is available in the event of an accident or the next day. Unique multi-workpiece machining origin saving mode. Mobile gantry, strengthened table, durable, long-term use is not easy to deformation, positioning accuracy is better. It not only makes the carving fine and unaliased, the base is smooth and smooth, the outline is clear, cutting 2cm plexiglass is also free and easy.

Applicable Scopes
The mdf cnc cutting machine can be used for small mold, stamping mold, motor, micro injection mold, shoe mold, badge, embossing mold, biscuit, chocolate, candy mold, artistic carving, dial, font, various signs and trademark processing.★Furniture industries: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods, plates, antique furniture, doors, windows, desks and chairs.




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